About us


Our Mission is to be the recognized leader in the safe and efficient carriage of minor bulk cargoes on geared vessels, where:

  • Safety is our Top Priority
  • Protection of the Environment is our Responsibility
  • We strive to provide optimum employment conditions and opportunities for growth
  • We strive to provide the highest Customer Satisfaction
  • We strive to maximize Stakeholder Returns, and
  • We are an Upstanding Corporate Citizen which supports social initiatives in local communities

Pioneer Marine Inc. is a global shipping transportation company specialising in the transportation of drybulk cargoes.

Pioneer Marine owns a fleet of 19 geared drybulk carriers comprising of 17 Handysize, 1 Handymax and 1 Supramax on the water. The combined deadweight tonnage of the fleet is 0.67 million tons.

Our executive offices are located in Athens, Greece and our shares are registered on the Norwegian OTC since March 2014 and trade under the symbol “PNRM”.

Our Handysize vessels are able to trade worldwide in a multitude of trade routes carrying a wide range of cargoes for a number of industries.

Handysize (10-39,999 deadweight) ships carry the widest range of cargoes of any dry bulk size segment and mostly carry minor bulks and grain. They are usually equipped with cargo-handling gear (cranes or derricks) and are widely used on routes to and from draft-restricted ports that (a) cannot receive larger ships and (b) often lack their own land-based cargo-handling equipment; often located in the developing nations. Many of these ships are extensively employed on intra-regional, shorter-haul trades. Special designs of ship are associated with the carriage of such cargoes as steel products and logs (i.e. “open-hatch” and “log-fitted” vessels); while some variants also exist in terms of cargo-handling equipment, e.g. “grab-fitted” tonnage possessing scoops that facilitate easier unloading of certain cargo types. Although the 10-39,999 dwt size definition includes small Handysizes of below 20,000 dwt, the vast majority of the fleet is concentrated in the 25-29,999 dwt, 30-34,999 dwt and 35-39,999 dwt sizes.

Handymax (40-64,999dwt) : This segment of the dry bulk carrier fleet contains three distinct sub-categories – the traditional Handymax size (40-49,999dwt), the Supramax size (50-59,999dwt) and the Ultramax size (60-64,999 dwt). Despite their increased size, these vessels retain a degree of trading flexibility as their cargo gear enables them to load and/or discharge at ports with limited facilities. They are more widely deployed on longer-haul routes than Handysizes. The new generation of Supramax and Ultramax vessels are competing for business on Panamax routes.

Our Handysize, Handymax and Supramax drybulk carriers carry grain, iron and steel products, fertilizers, minerals, forest products, ores, bauxite, alumina, cement, salt, sugar, sand and other construction materials. These raw materials and products are used as production inputs in a number of industries. We transport these various cargoes on several geographical routes.